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Big Luca International Consulting is the world’s leading company in online marketing training.

To date, we have taught over 15,000 entrepreneurs and freelancers how to create or scale their business, monetize more their products/services, and maximize their net profit.

Our company’s goal is to help as many entrepreneurs, freelancers, or aspiring ones as possible to dramatically increase their personal wealth.

This is done through teaching marketing and online marketing strategies, techniques and tactics, money management and personal finance, mindset and mental reprogramming, and more.

Strategies, techniques and tactics tested by us and our students and clients, aimed solely at maximum monetization and steady accumulation of money.

What we are

Big Luca Int. is a company committed to operating with the highest degree of professionalism and transparency, whose main goal is the satisfaction and happiness of its students.

Unlike the vast majority of training companies out there, the information we teach is practical, straight to the point and, above all, aimed at MONETIZATION.

We do not waste time with useless theories, and we are particularly allergic to the so-called “vanity metrics” – such as subscribers, “likes”, sharing, etc. – that are completely unrelated to the concept of “doing business to make money”.

The totality of our strategies, techniques, and tactics that we teach has the sole purpose of making your business more profitable in the short, medium and long term.

In addition to this, not only do our courses teach how to create or scale a profitable business, but some of them also focus on teaching some high-income skills such as Telephone Selling, Copywriting, or Media Buying, capable of making you more money month after month.

Big Luca Int. is a constantly growing company and is made up of a team of top-notch professionals.

Everyone at Big Luca Int. – from its Chairman down – is constantly training in their specific area of expertise.

The constant training of our team is a guarantee for our clients because we know that we can’t afford to teach others what works and what doesn’t unless we are always up to date and test it firsthand with our own money.

In conclusion, as the world’s leading company in online marketing, we are proud to be leading the entire industry by bringing it up to ever-higher standards.

That’s the reason why EVERYONE learns from us.

Even the other marketing “gurus” are our loyal students.

Not all of them have the courage to admit it (in fact, the most well-known ones prefer to stay in the shadows), but the touch of Big Luca Int. is evident in their marketing strategies.

Thanks to our courses and coaching, some of them have managed to set up multi-million dollar companies from scratch.

What we are NOT

Big Luca Int. is NOT a company for those who are looking for an effortless method to earn money, a system to get rich in no time, or anything like that.

We do not believe in those sort of promises in the slightest, because the truth is that such methods do not exist. NEVER and under no circumstances.

Beware of those who claim otherwise, because they are lying to you.

Furthermore, Big Luca Int. is NOT a company for those who do not desire to study, apply, make mistakes, correct, or start over.

Those who think it is enough to just watch one of our courses once to earn lavish sums of money are very wrong.

This is not the kind of message we want to give our students.

This is not about “taking a course” and that’s it.

It needs to be crystal clear: this is about committing to studying and implementing the tested principles that have been proven to bring tremendous monetary results…

…but listening to them once is NOT enough, just as it is NOT enough to simply buy the course.

Investing in training alone does not bring results.

As with everything, getting results requires dedication, application, focus, perseverance, stubbornness, and entrepreneurial spirit.

In conclusion, we are NOT for those who are looking for the “magic pill”, the quick and easy way to get rich and live on their private income. For the simple fact that it does NOT exist and never will.

We stand against all those who claim otherwise and we urge you not to fall for the temptation of easy promises.

A few companies we've helped


Founder and President of Big Luca Group.

He's considered by thousands of entrepreneurs and freelancers the world's foremost authority in online marketing, while also being the world's highest-paid Marketing Advisor with fees of $20,000 a day.
Big Luca


Simone Caloni

CEO of Big Luca Int., Official Coach, and Manager of Big Luca International's Media Buying department.

Every month he helps dozens of ambitious students perfect and scale their businesses through his one-to-one coaching sessions; he's also laid the foundations of a few of the most profitable and successful info-businesses on the Italian-speaking market.

Head of Marketing department, Official Coach, and Manager of Big Luca International's Copywriting department.

He is committed to studying and practicing copywriting on a daily basis, and thanks to this constant dedication, he's managed to create some of the most profitable ads in all of Europe in info-business, proving his outstanding skills several times.
Manabe Repici

Head of the Video Branding department of the Big Luca Group

During over 25 years spent "in the trenches" alongside entrepreneurs and professionals, he has created over 1,000 sales videos for multiple businesses in over 50 different niches, allowing them to gain more credibility in the market, expand their customer database and increase sales, turnover and profits.

Expert YouTube Technician, Official Coach, and Big Luca International's Social Media Manager.

With a history of astonishing results, he's the person behind the exponential growth of Big Luca International's YouTube channel (he's increased the organic traffic of the channel and the organic sales by 400%).

Sales Coach and Manager of the legendary Frontline Telephone Team.

Europe's most profitable sales team.

Big Luca International's Office Manager.


Manager of Big Luca International's IT department.

Our Ethical Code

Big Luca Int. lays its foundations on a well-defined, solid ethical code, to guarantee a healthy and performing environment both to our students and our company members. Indeed, everyone in our team must comply with the company values that you can find here on the right.

1. No Gossip.

Big Luca International has a strict no-gossip policy in any form and in any way in which this might take place: face-to-face, on our internal communication channels, and on any social media which refers to the company.

Gossiping pollutes the workplace and this is equivalent to burning useful time which can be dedicated to achieving results both for the company and for our students.

2. Honesty.

At Big Luca Int. honesty – in any circumstance – is at the basis of every communication, both within the company (among team members) and towards our students and customers who pay to receive genuine and honest advice.

Our philosophy is that not being honest causes a situation of “debt” which will have to be paid for in the future, since such an attitude can only backfire on those who behave so.

Furthermore, we believe that not being straightforward means not being kind to others.

3. Responsibility.

The “blame game” is very much discouraged within Big Luca International. Indeed, anyone with this attitude can’t be part of our team.

Taking on responsibility means committing to making conscious choices without making up excuses or alibis that may justify the failed or poor execution of our commitments.

For this reason, avoiding our duties or responsibilities by blaming others is a ridiculous attitude which isn’t tolerated.

Big Luca International team is always ready to help its collaborators in need but doesn’t tolerate irresponsible behaviours.

As a consequence, we keep our distance from whoever may show this attitude, not only collaborators but also customers and suppliers.

4. Training.

Anyone at Big Luca Int. – from its Chairman down – constantly studies and trains in their own specific areas.

Every team member is responsible for their being constantly up to date about anything that concerns their areas.

Precisely for this reason Big Luca International pays for the training courses and coaching for its collaborators.

The constant training of our team is a guarantee for our customers because we can’t afford to teach others unless we are the first to be constantly up to date and test with our own money what works and what doesn’t.

5. Congruency.

Every member of the team at Big Luca Int. lives aligned with that we teach. Our collaborators – even in their private lives – comply with all the aforementioned values.

Being congruent with the company values is the paramount characteristic of our current and future team members. Indeed, Big Luca International’s policy is very clear about this:

any collaborator who isn’t aligned with the company values will be immediately removed from the company.

We Helped Thousands Of Entrepreneurs…

make their dreams come true by seeing their business grow.
We offer specific or 360-degree solutions and information.


Un percorso step-by-step, pronto all’uso, che unisce l’utilizzo degli strumenti di intelligenza artificiale…

Con le nostre profittevoli strategie di monetizzazione.

E attenzione, non parlo solo di chat GPT.

Là fuori ormai è pieno di intelligenze artificiali…

Ognuna specializzata in uno specifico campo.

E noi abbiamo selezionato per te le migliori per poter applicare le nostre vincenti strategie e farti guadagnare il più possibile.

Infatti, all’interno di ‘I.A. PER LUCRATORI SERIALI’ scoprirai:

  • Quali sono i sistemi più potenti di intelligenza artificiale presenti sul mercato e come sfruttare il loro potere illimitato.
  • Le nicchie più profittevoli per vendere i tuoi prodotti o servizi, come venderli e su quali portali venderli.
  • E soprattutto la nostra infallibile strategia di monetizzazione, per mettere in pratica nel modo più efficace possibile questo sistema e generare un guadagno veloce che aumenta le tue pile di cash.


Questo corso è un prezioso estratto dell’evento chiamato ‘La Realtà Non Esiste’…

…che Big Luca ha tenuto dal vivo il 21-22-23 Febbraio 2020 a Riccione.

Evento che è stato considerato l’epicentro del marketing mondiale in celebrazione a Dan Kennedy.

E al suo interno, che tu ci creda o meno…

Scoprirai come entrare nella mente dei tuoi potenziali clienti ed hackerare i loro processi decisionali

In modo tale da convincerli riguardo la bontà del tuo prodotto.

In pratica…

Tuffandoti nei contenuti inediti del corso Hackeraggio Mentale

Avrai accesso alle migliori tecniche e strategie manipolatorie del mercato…

Capaci di agire di soppiatto all’insaputa del consumatore, per spingerlo a comprare in modo quasi “automatico” ciò che vendi.


Si tratta di un corso contenente il sistema di RIPROGRAMMAZIONE MENTALE definitivo

…che ti consente di sprigionare il tuo potenziale nascosto e di attrarre come una potente calamita la vita che desideri.

lo stesso sistema che ha consentito a Big Luca di passare da essere un buttafuori squattrinato di Nottingham…

A diventare un imprenditore multi-milionario.

E che consentirà anche a te di attrarre la libertà economica e personale che da tempo forse stai cercando.

E non importa se adesso ti senti lontano anni luce dai tuoi obiettivi…

Perché a prescindere dalla tua attuale situazione…

IL sistema “Forma Mentis Formula” contenuto all’interno del corso Metamorfosi Mentale…

Ti condurrà step-by-step verso la conquista della tua ricchezza personale.


All’interno di questo corso sono racchiuse le stesse strategie di Online Marketing che hanno consentito a noi della Big Luca International…

Di acquisire una caterva di leads di qualità…

E chiudere ben 5.598 vendite high-ticket soltanto nel 2021, fatturando la bellezza di 3.472.872 €.

Strategie che hanno già consentito anche a svariati nostri studenti di riportare i loro business a fatturare tanto come nel 2018…

E che consentiranno anche a te di fare lo stesso.

E non importa in quale nicchia di mercato operi o che tipo di business hai…

Grazie a questo corso stracolmo di informazioni funzionanti…

Capirai in modo chiaro e cristallino come rendere il tuo business una macchina MOLTIPLICA quattrini.


All’interno di questo corso pratico…

Big Luca e Simone Caloni – CEO della Big Luca International Consulting…

Ti svelano le più SPIETATE (ma del tutto legali) tecniche di manipolazione sovietica.

Tecniche che ti consentiranno di acquisire fiumi di leads di qualità a prezzi ridicolmente bassi…

E di convertirli in CLIENTI PAGANTI in tempi da record.

Clienti disposti a sganciarti le cifre che chiedi senza alcuna esitazione.

Questo, che tu ci creda o meno, a prescindere dalla nicchia in cui operi e dal tipo di business che hai tra le mani.


L’evento formativo più esclusivo del panorama marketing e make-money…

che mette insieme imprenditori di altissimo livello che operano in diverse nicchie di mercato per un confronto diretto ed un aiuto reciproco.

Il Dubai-Mastermind ti dà la possibilità di accedere ad un circolo elitario formato SOLTANTO da persone di estremo successo.

Un Network di imprenditori navigati ed abbienti che hanno il tuo stesso mindset e la tua stessa determinazione.

Inoltre, grazie al Dubai-Mastermind puoi finalmente avere un confronto diretto e senza filtri con Big Luca.


Se in questo momento stai vivendo una vita che non ti soddisfa, e ti ritrovi bloccato in dei risultati tutt’altro che rosei dal punto di vista monetario, lavorativo, sentimentale, relazionale, e via di seguito…

‘Cambiamento A Comando’ è l’unico corso presente sul mercato capace di innescare cambiamenti automatici in ogni area della tua vita.

Il motivo?

Al suo interno è rivelato il vero “RESPONSABILE” dei più importanti cambiamenti nella vita delle persone, che chiunque può sfruttare a proprio vantaggio.

Grazie a questo corso, puoi ottenere la vita che hai sempre desiderato…

Una vita priva di stress inutile, ansie e sensi di vuoto che ti deprimono e ti fanno sentire come se stessi sprecando la tua intera esistenza…

…e stracolma di felicità, ORGOGLIO e soddisfazioni personali.


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